Restaurant & Kitchen Automation

A future-proof solution with interactive menus on tablets, in a rich media interface, that connects in the real-time with paperless restaurant and kitchen operations AND synchronizes seamlessly with the Point of Sale (POS) software. Besides, other business applications like loyalty, inventory, finance, HR and CRM

One application, multiple clients

Guest Tablet App*
Brings endless possibilities to business, e.g., menus get richer with descriptions, ingredients, calorie count, short recipes, even videos, plus, other relevant CRM content gets added, like forms for feedback, loyalty enrolment

Captain’s App*
For smart operations, e.g., receive, track and know status of orders, watch and manage queues, use forms to input table information, refer content with recipe explanations, suggest options to guest and more

Manager’s Interface - web client
With the big picture of operations renders an eagle eye with granular details allowing for real time tracking of internal SLAs and taking pre-emptive actions to maintain smooth operations; eliminates paperwork and reduces the traditional barking

Chef’s Interface - web client or mobile app*
With order details, queue status, customer information and special annotations

(*tablet app available in iOS, Android & Windows)

Simplified & automated workflows = efficient operations ready to go paperless!


Guests see menu on rich media on tablets by category, cuisine or course, with description, ingredients, calorie information, price and more. They can also search, select, even create their preferred meal and order by adding to plate to trigger the order process


Captain / Waiter receives the order notification on his handheld, walks up, repeats and confirms order, triggering a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) which is broadcasted to the kitchen


Kitchen receives KOT on the Kitchen Display System (KDS) upon the assigned waiter’s confirmation and to individual islands for processing


Manager uses dashboard with real time information on status of guest order to run operations, ease bottlenecks, meet SLAs and ensure timely delivery


Waiter gets notified by chef upon ‘plating’ of an order, picks up and ‘tables’ the item at respective table, which triggers billing

Delivers more than day to day operational efficiency

Arowana Hospitality BI & Big Data Captures data and transactional information in the real time and generates intelligent insights for business

Arowana Hospitality CRM Captures feedback and reviews from guests feeding into CRM system

Arowana Hospitality Scalable & Modular Architecture Easy on infrastructure and time to deploy, bringing quicker returns on investment

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